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Ju Jitsu Lincs teach and practice modern self defence and the ancient Japanese martial art of Ju Jitsu. If you’re interested in learning Ju Jitsu in Lincolnshire or would like more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Ju Jitsu Lincs is an accredited member of the Cobra Martial Arts Association

The CMAA was founded in 2002 as a National Supporting Body for all Martial Arts and has grown to be one of the largest groups in the United Kingdom. They aim is to bring all Martial Arts together in a fair, equal and open minded manner. As such the CMAA recognises all known styles whether they are Traditional, Freestyle or mixed along with proven grades.

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Cobra Martial Arts Association

Benefits of training in Ju Jitsu self defence

Knife Defence

Real Life Self Defence

We are not a sports club, we do not train for 12 rounds of fitness, we do not get involved in competitions. We train for self-defence. We simulate a lot of real-life situations and have an extensive grading syllabus to help maximise your chances of survival for on the street. The world can be a dangerous place. We train you hard and we train you to be smart.

Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness

A lot of fights/attacks can be prevented by being aware of your surroundings or not letting situations escalate. We train you to become smarter, to be more aware of your surroundings and we train you on psychology to have an overall advantage of any potential attacker. If in the event of an attack breaking out then everything surrounding you including yourself is a weapon.

Fitness and Confidence

Fitness and Confidence

We don’t focus on fitness, we focus on training to defeat any attackers in the quickest amount of time by using efficient and accurate techniques. However, whilst training hard you’ll burn many calories and is often better than any gym session! For beginners it is fairly relaxed as you need to work on the foundations of Ju Jitsu, so don’t worry if you don’t have high level of fitness!

I started jujitsu when I was 16 to help with my self confidence, fitness and to learn self defence. I haven’t looked back since, I am now a qualified instructor and training for my 2nd Dan. Jujitsu is perfect for people of all shapes, sizes and fitness abilities. The club is welcoming and friendly, I would recommend it to anyone.


Having just started my Ju Jitsu journey with these guys, and having done other martial arts in the past. I can happily say that this is the most welcoming, friendly, informative and hands on class I have had the pleasure to join


I’ve been learning Ju Jitsu for 3 months. I really enjoy it and would recommend Ju Jitsu Lincs to anyone wanting to learn self defence and to improve their fitness.
Andy is a great instructor who knows his stuff and really goes the extra mile


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