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Ju Jitsu Lincs

Ju Jitsu Lincs is a friendly club located at the Meridian Leisure Centre in Louth, Lincolnshire (Near Grimsby), welcoming people of all ages, gender and fitness level. We offer two free sessions where you can join in and see if you like it. Just come along to any of the classes listed here. All you need is some loose-fitting clothes (jogging bottoms and a tee) or a gi (the training suit) if you already have one and be prepared to have some fun!

Please note that you can train for the first few weeks in ordinary clothes, but you will need a gi when you take your first grading.

Our fully qualified



All of our instructors are required to be (at least) 1st Dan Black Belt grade, qualified and approved by Cobra Martial Arts Association, have an Enhanced CRB and a valid First Aid Certificate. You can be assured that you are being trained by the best!

Andy Steer

Instructor, Founder (2nd Dan Black Belt)

I started learning Ju Jitsu in 1989. I used to take my daughter to the local class. I got fed up waiting to collect her so on day I joined in. I stayed for 25 years!

I trained hard, with a few different training partners over the years. Took my Brown belt with Chris Waring and my First Dan Black with Tracey Pocock, both very good friends. Then eventually took my Second Dan Black with my Sensei, Allan Etches. We are still in touch and he occasionally visits to give us a free seminar.

At the end of 1999 I left Kent with my wife and we moved here. I set up Ju Jitsu Lincolnshire in 2000 and we have been going ever since. The syllabus I teach is similar to the one I was ‘brought up’ with, although I have modified it somewhat to make our art more relevant to the modern age.

I no longer teach the use of traditional Japanese weapons, however we do use the kubotan (a small stick) and occasionally various improvised weapons such as torches, rolled up newspaper, and even credit cards!

I believe that everyone should be able to defend themselves. There is no need to be super fit or strong, what is required is knowledge, and the confidence and ability to exploit the weaknesses in every human body, to defend oneself. That is what I teach.


Shane Spencer

Chief Instructor (3rd Dan Black Belt)

Ju Jitsu Lincs was the first martial arts club that I had attended in 2001 and I am still here now and training towards my 4th Dan Black Belt!

Over the years I have studied many other martial arts and joined many other clubs, as I believe in being open minded and to experience what others are training in, to take the best bits and to shape your training to become as best as you can be.

Some of the other arts I’ve trained in over the years are: Kickboxing, Keysi Fighting Method, Krav Maga, BJJ, MMA, Boxing and other Ju Jitsu associations/clubs. I’m not that interested in any of the others, apart from Dim Mak… I would love to give that a go!

Out of all the various training I have done I am now only a member of two groups; Ju JItsu Lincs and Defence Lab. These two clubs are by far the best that I have ever trained in and the two go hand in hand.

For me it is about being a dynamic self-defence fighter, I don’t train for a sport like a lot of other martial arts. I train to protect myself, my family, my friends and any innocent bystanders.

I train to avoid threatening situations or for worse case scenarios to switch into explosive power and to destroy any potential threats within 3 seconds. This is what Ju Jitsu is all about.

The harder you train in the dojo, the less you bleed on the battlefield. Never give up, never surrender!


Tim Morley

Instructor (1st Dan Black Belt)

Having started jujitsu rather late in life I quickly realised that not only is it an important life skill in this modern world but equally a great way to de-stress and keep my mind and body fit.

After nine years of hard work and dedication I gained my 1st Dan Black Belt and I am now a qualified instructor at the club.

The club is welcoming and friendly to all, come along and give it a go.


Tim JuJitsu Instructor