Despite Ju Jitsu Lincs being a modern-day self-defence training club, etiquette within the dojo and respect to others is all part of the training.

For any new members looking to join us, here are a few tips to give you a heads up!

  • Bow when entering/leaving the dojo. (Dojo is a place/room of training).
  • Bow before stepping on/off the training mats
  • When addressing anybody with a Black Belt call them Sensei
  • Bow to your Sensei when saying ‘Thank You’
  • Respect your training partners, you will want your training partner to come back so go gentle with techniques until you learn and understand each other’s pain thresholds. You will also need to let your partner know when you are in pain by ‘tapping’ them.
  • Ensure you wear a clean pressed Black Gi (Gi is our uniform, which can be purchased by us or you can purchase your own online). For new members don’t worry if you don’t have a Gi, just wear jogging bottoms/shorts and t-shirt. You will need to obtain a Gi for your first grading.
  • Do not wear any jewellery.
  • Do not train with anything in your pockets.
  • Ensure you have clean (and cut) finger/toe nails.
  • Inform us and your training partners of any injuries or health problems

That is about it, we also don’t accept any gang members, thugs or people with previous criminal convictions which involves violence that was not used in self-defence.

All our members are highly respectful and are training for self-defence reasons and not for their egos. We welcome like-minded individuals to join us.