Ju Jitsu FAQs

What is Ju Jitsu?

Ju Jitsu is self-defence, not a sport. It is the oldest Japanese martial art, from which others such as Aikido, Kendo and some forms of Karate are derived.

If you join us at Ju jitsu Lincs, you’ll learn how to defend yourself against single or multiple attackers by blocking punches, kicks and knife attacks. You’ll learn to escape from strangles, chokes and other holds and hit back with accurate and effective punches, kicks, and chops.You learn to throw off attackers by various means, applying locks to arms, legs, etc. and restrain attackers by using pressure and nerve points to subdue them. You will also learn to use a kubotan and other improvised weapons.

Who can do Ju Jitsu?

Pretty much everyone can take part! Regardless of gender, size, level of fitness and age.

At Ju Jitsu Lincolnshire the minimum age is 16 (with parents permission).

How much does it cost?

Please refer to the pricing page for details on our flexible pricing plans.

Do I need to have a good level of fitness to learn Ju Jitsu?

No! It is a common objection we hear from people ‘I’ll start Ju Jitsu when I am a bit fitter’ , do not worry if you are not in perfect shape. We don’t train in a lot of fitness such as other martial art clubs. We train for self defence, to win a fight in 3 seconds, not to do 12 rounds!

You will train in accordance to your current fitness levels and overtime your fitness will improve depending on how hard you train. The best thing to do is to start training now!

Is Ju Jitsu dangerous?

All instructors at Ju Jitsu Lincolnshire are fully qualified and accredited by Cobra Martial Arts Association as instructors. Proper supervision and teaching by trained, experienced and fully-qualified instructors in an appropriate environment, coupled with reasonable care on the part of students will mean that the dangers are minimal. That said, there is no hiding from the fact that many techniques are designed to damage an attacker to a greater or lesser degree and it is emphasised to all students that they must exercise restraint and take appropriate care when training. Proper Ju Jitsu training teaches respect for the well-being of others.

I started jujitsu when I was 16 to help with my self confidence, fitness and to learn self defence. I haven’t looked back since, I am now a qualified instructor and training for my 2nd Dan. Jujitsu is perfect for people of all shapes, sizes and fitness abilities. The club is welcoming and friendly, I would recommend it to anyone.


Having just started my Ju Jitsu journey with these guys, and having done other martial arts in the past. I can happily say that this is the most welcoming, friendly, informative and hands on class I have had the pleasure to join


I’ve been learning Ju Jitsu for 3 months. I really enjoy it and would recommend Ju Jitsu Lincs to anyone wanting to learn self defence and to improve their fitness.
Andy is a great instructor who knows his stuff and really goes the extra mile