Intruders….? At night!

Have you ever thought there was somebody in your home whilst you have been in bed? It’s a terrifying feeling, this happened to me this morning, and this is how I deal with it.

Approximately 1:30am this morning I was woken by my wife stating that she believes there is an intruder downstairs.

Qualifying the threat

This has happened a couple of times in the past whereby my wife’s suspects intruders are in the house, despite me seeing this as a training exercise I qualify her suspicions out of precaution. In this case she believes she ‘saw’ the front security light come on in the front garden along with noises, she ‘heard’ somebody jump over the side gate then after a period of time she heard ‘noises’ downstairs in kitchen/living room.

Whilst she is explaining this to me, I’m getting prepared/assessing the situation:

  1. We have motion sensor lighting on the landing, so through the gap of the door I know that there is nobody on the landing as the landing light is off.
  2. I check outside by looking out of the blinds from the bedroom windows, with no lights on.
  3. Put on a T-Shirt ready for battle. NOTE: I always sleep wearing training shorts or trousers in bed out of precaution so I can act quickly in the event of an emergency…

Sweeping the house

Once I have qualified that I need to sweep the house to ensure we are safe these are my next steps.

  1. As mentioned above I know the landing light is off, and I’m pretty safe for opening the bedroom door. NOTE I rarely sleep with the bedroom door open, this is so I can hear the bedroom door ‘click’ if opened, another precaution I recommend.
  2. Apart from the landing light, which automatically comes on (at a low level), I don’t switch any other lights on during searching the house. Reason being this is an advantage as I know my house better than any intruder.
  3. Whilst moving around the house, move silently, you don’t want your opponent(s) being aware that you are awake/searching for them.
  4. We have glass panel doors downstairs, this allows me to scope out each room before entering. Due to the layout of our house if the doors are closed in the living room I leave this last as a make way through the kitchen to check the area, back doors and windows for any signs of entry.
  5. Once the inside of the house has been fully checked, I’ll check the outside of the house by looking through windows at a distance. In some scenarios, I search the perimeter outside.

Post Sweep

Once everything is checked, I’ll lay in bed and listen for approximately 30-40 minutes before attempting to go back to sleep.

Quick Tips

Hopefully this quick blog may give you some assistance in what to do in the event that you ‘think’ there may be an intruder in your home whilst you are there.

Below are some quick tips:

  1. Train your eyes to work in the dark
  2. Train self-defence techniques in the dark
  3. Learn to move around silently
  4. Leave urban weapons strategically around the house. I personally don’t carry a weapon with me as I prefer not to. However, I know where objects are within the house if things started to go badly.
  5. Be prepared, if there is an intruder in your home, there will be a high probability that they won’t be alone! This means you are dealing with multiple attackers and they’ll probably be armed with a weapon
  6. Adrenaline will be at a high, so remember to control your breathing and be ready to turn that adrenaline into explosive power.
  7. If you strongly believe there is somebody in your home, call emergency services.

Thankfully, I’ve never experienced actual intruders within the house and they have just been false alarms. However, this is the reason why I train hard. To protect myself and my family.