New Members – What to expect in your first lesson.

A lot of people have a desire to join a martial arts club but avoid it mainly because they are scared or nervous of what the experience might be like, so I thought I’d cover a blog post on what newcomers can expect on their first time attending a class with us.

I know what it was like my first time attending a martial arts class, something that I have wanted to do for many years but never dared go, until one of my friends made me go. (Read about this in another post).

One thing you must remember – everybody in the class has experienced that same feeling!

Our members are very welcoming and we do not allow any thugs, egotistic or any individuals that are learning techniques for criminal purposes, every member of ours are very respectable individuals.

So, what can you expect, here is what happens in a ‘typical’ lesson:

  • A bit of friendly chit chat from the members whilst we wait for the class to start
  • All students initially line up and face the head instructors and then we bow (part of our etiquette).
  • One of the instructors will then perform a warm up which can consist of the following elements:
    • Cardio
    • Stretching
    • Shadow Boxing (Defence against imaginary villains)
    • Light sparring (Low speed technical sparring, nothing stressful for low grades)
    • Break falls (the art of falling on the ground without hurting yourself)
  • Pad work to focus on improving punch and kick striking
  • Students then learn new and work on existing techniques for their current grade requirements
  • We then go into some stress testing or fitness such as:
    • Tabata (High intensity interval training)
    • Stress Work (This is to control your adrenaline in a situation)
    • Reflex Work (Random Attacks)
  • We then finish the class with a cool down

So, don’t be nervous and don’t put off coming if you want to learn the most effective self-defence system with fully qualified instructors, in a safe environment with friendly people.