Why I started Martial Arts…

So, I thought I’d kick off the real ‘first’ blog post with how and why I started training in Martial Arts….

From a young age, I had a big fascination in everything to do with martial arts including all movies/actors such as Bruce Lee, Jean Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal, Jackie Chan to name a few.

The problem I had with being the ‘baby’ in the family was that my mother would not let me attend any martial arts classes as she thought it was too ‘dangerous’ – and she still thinks it is!

At this point let me just state, I believe it is more dangerous to not train in self-defence than otherwise. The world has, is and will become a more violent place to live.

Throughout my childhood of not being ‘officially’ able to join any club I spent a lot of time shadow boxing and visualising my opponents. I still use this method as part of my training! I also always had the pleasure of my older brothers roughing me up – which taught me a lot back then. Throughout school and college, I could appropriately take care of myself and others… and 9 times out of 10 I came out on top. Albeit there was no skill apart from ‘windmilling’ and hoping for the best.

Despite previously being ‘ok’ at handling myself I guess I had suffered a couple of situations in my younger life which could have gone smoother and as a result had left me walking home after a night out with clenched fists a pumping heart and scared of what was around the corner. I also used to have a lot of nightmares about being stabbed – so Knife defence is something I like to train a lot!

In 2001, one of my old friends (at the time) introduced me to Ju Jitsu. Since then I have trained long and hard in various styles and clubs.

It took many years for what I (and many others) call the ‘click’ to happen. This is what I call your natural reactions to be able to react and defend yourself instinctively also known as ‘muscle memory’. I first believed this was once I had reached a ‘Purple’ belt in Ju Jitsu… The fact is I am forever learning more, knowledge is never ending, you as a person are not invincible and only through continuous training do you minimise the risk of danger from physical confrontation via anti-social, criminal, terrorist or other attacks.

Taking that first step into a martial arts club can be a nervous experience, especially if you are by yourself. Our club is very welcoming and we have all experienced that first step.

So this was how I started my martial arts journey, and since my training begun, the number of situations I have been involved in has been minimal and quickly resolved, which I will cover on another blog post soon…